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Rimas Nolie

Rimas Nolie is a skunk and mage who was born in 511 GD. Her parents are Samuel Nolie, the wolverine, and Francine Nolie, the skunk. She has one sibling, an older sister, Theresa Nolie, the skunk.

Early Life

Rimas showed remarkable proficiency at the piano from a young age, which encouraged her mother to push Rimas towards taking formal lessons on the piano beginning from the age of 3. Her skill at playing the piano developed rapidly. She performed at her first piano recital at the age of 5, and composed her first original piece, “Tulip Rag”, at the age of 6. This would, for much of Rimas's life, be her best-known composition.

Despite such a promising beginning, Rimas's father was battling cancer, which was detected when Rimas was 5, and despite treatment, the illness gradually sapped her father's strength until he finally passed away at the age of 35, in 518 GD.

During the final months of his life, Samuel taught Rimas elementary flame magic (which was at the time highly illegal).

Rimas did not take the death of her father very well, and quit the piano the following month.

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