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Theresa Nolie

Theresa Nolie is the older sister of Rimas Nolie, born in 508 GD. She is on good terms with her sister.

Of the two, Theresa decisively took after their mother, whereas Rimas took more after their father. In the years following their father’s death, Theresa became even closer to their mother, and Rimas became more distant. On one occasion, two years after Sam died, Francine took Rimas and Theresa hiking. Rimas once attempted to scale a steep hill in order to ‘skip over’ the much longer and gentler-sloped trail path. Theresa saw this before Francine did, and ran up to try to pull her sister down from the slope. Rimas, thinking this was some sort of game, kicked at Theresa, which caused her to lose her balance and fall face first onto the rocky slope. This incident eventually resulted in a thin scar crossing the bridge of her nose.

Theresa greatly enjoyed singing, was in several bands throughout high school, and eventually took professional voice lessons with the goal of becoming an opera singer. But on the eve of the most important audition of her young life, with a talent agency who every opera singer in town worked for, she was convinced by a recently-reconnected friend to stay up late partying on Durimday ‘for good luck’. The next day, a Yenday, she missed her audition, and didn’t remember that she was supposed to have gone until the next day, which was Etsday. Etsday is a weekend, so she could not get a hold of anyone at the agency until the following Roday, and by that time they had already selected a different singer.

Heartbroken, but accepting that this was her own fault, she followed in the footsteps of her mother and pursued a bachelors’ in music, and a masters’ in education. After ‘gigging around’ (her words) as a substitute teacher, she eventually landed her dream job, chorus teacher at the middle school she herself once went to, the same middle school where her mother worked. The school occasionally hires Rimas to provide piano accompaniment during the chorus concerts. Theresa is married and has one child.

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