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Samuel Nolie

Samuel Nolie was a wolverine who was born in 477 GD, and died in 517 GD. He is survived by a wife, Francine Nolie, and two daughters, Theresa Nolie and Rimas Nolie.

Samuel Nolie was the owner and manager of Atticleaves for sixteen years, from 501 until his death.

Early Life

Sam Nolie was born and raised in Dakara, a town east of Tolikra. At the time, Kalt was still an independent country on the west coast of Aland.

Sam, as you may have surmised, was a very charismatic person. Apart from his revolutionary activities, he was known for two things locally.

The fact that he walked out of prison after he talked a guard into allowing him to leave, and the fact that the emperor was then cornered into pardoning him by popular demand during a Yenday council.

Both occurrences had been unheard of. He went on to take over Atticleaves Bookshop from its previous owner, Ulysses Moira. In order to avoid the usual paperwork, Ulysses “sold” Atticleaves to Sam for a dollar.

No one knew who Sam’s father was. Well, I know who his father was, but I won’t spoil that just yet.

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