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Ruby of Pyrrhus

The Ruby of Pyrrhus is a gem containing the power and will of Pyrrhus, the spirit of reciprocation or gratitude. The brooch will only grant its boons to those belonging to Pyrrhus's bloodline, and will otherwise not function. It is currently in the possession of Rimas Nolie, and previously belonged to Samuel Nolie.


The Ruby of Pyrrhus is a 125-carat ruby set in a solid gold frame. Behind the gold frame is a silver needle intended to pierce a garment and hold the brooch in place.


As Pyrrhus is a flame-elemental nature spirit, the gem's most immediate passive effect is complete immunity to burning of any kind, as well as partial resistance to freezing. The gem must be within ten feet of someone of Pyrrhus's bloodline in order to have any effect.

The secondary and more active effect is the ability to enforce verbal contracts between parties. If the ruby's user makes an agreement with someone, and that agreement is broken, then the gem's wearer will temporarily be granted the power to take from the one who violated the agreement something equivalent in value to the consequence of the broken agreement. However, as this is an active and optional effect, the user may consciously choose not to penalize a broken agreement in this manner.

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