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Annexation of Kalt

The Annexation of Kalt was a political agreement ratified in 499 GD by the then-congress of Kalt agreeing to cede control of all territories to Aden.


The annexation was proposed by Kir Gendu XXIII in the aftermath of the largely successful Adenian-Opananish War, during which Kalt was an ally of Aden, with the aim of allowing the two nations to fly a single flag. At the time, the motion was generally thought to make sense.

It would provide Kalt with a land route to the Magmaean Sea with no border crossings, which would be a massive boon to trade. Removing the border would allow goods to flow freely to and from Kalt without any border tax, and without Kalt needing to ship goods over the Serenic Ocean to access the Magmaean Sea.

Additionally, it would allow Adenian forces to patrol the border with Opanan, thereby protecting against retaliations or attempts to reclaim formerly Opananish lands. Despite the existence of a formal surrender from the Opananish government at the end of the war, terrorist militias within the country claimed not to recognize the surrender, and in fact would continue to mount attacks on Aden right up to the modern day.


The Adenian-Tethish War, which came only fifteen years after the annexation, saw the mass deployment of formerly Kaltish citizens, at an overwhelmingly higher draft rate than citizens of Aden proper, to be precise, roughly 77% of the deaths on the Adenian side of this war were former Kalts.

Those who survived the war have protested their continued rule by the Emperor of Aden, claiming that the common interests which once justified the annexation were utterly destroyed by the war. Even in the modern day, despite the generally progressive stance of Kir Gendu XXIV compared to his predecessor Kir Gendu XXIII, calls for him to allow a peaceful secession of formerly Kaltish territories has been met with silence.

Kir Gendu XXIV has not issued any public statement addressing these calls for Kaltish independence, and it should be noted that the newer generation (specifically those born near or after the end of the Adenian-Tethish War) is far less opposed to Adenian rule.

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