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Aden is a nation located at the northern edge of Aland. It is bordered to the north by Feyndraig, to the southwest by Opanan, and to the southeast by Vedkal. Aden shares a significant maritime border with Risila to the west.

Aden has coastline on the Serenic Ocean to the west, the Ephemeric Ocean to the east, and the Magmaean Sea to the south.

Aden has a population of 407,524,178 as of the most recent census.


Aden was founded in antiquity, likely over 11,000 years ago, in what is now Loeg. Since its founding, Aden has been ruled by Kings, presidents, and Emperors. In addition, its borders have grown, moved, and shrunk. Aden is one of only two countries whose founding location lies outside of its present borders.

The history of Aden can be arranged into nineteen dynasties, ranging in length from millennia to just shy of a decade.

Ancient Adenian Empire

(Exact details of Aden's founding are unknown to modern historians, due to the founding taking place before the earliest surviving written record).

  • Erlas Dynasty: At least 2000 years, presumed first Dynasty of Aden.
  • Kov Dynasty: Either 115 or 132 years, depending upon whether Kir Kov-Erlas is considered the last Emperor of the Erlas Dynasty, or the first Emperor of the Kov Dynasty.
  • Tano Dynasty: 715 years
  • Fasqi Dynasty: 1073 years
  • Great Division: 106 years, during which Aden was split into “True Aden” and “Prosperous Aden”, both of which claimed the mantle of the 'Real' Aden.
  • Ledam Dynasty: 218 years
  • Nolie Dynasty: 820 years
  • Vanad Dynasty: 1103 years

Adenian Republic

(lasted 370 years, ended with the Osen Civil War)

43 democratically elected presidents each serving a single 10 year term, or vice-presidents assuming the presidency midway through a term. This period of time is referred to as AR, and is considered a single 'dynasty' for ease of historical classification.

Kingdom of Aden

(Lasted 2841 years, ended with assassination of King Hasid I and subsequent re-establishment of the Adenian Empire)

Modern Adenian Empire

(Ratified 1694 years ago)


Aden is a constitutional empire, and has been ruled by an emperor from the Gendu family for 540 years.

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