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Feyndraig is a nation located at Mersia's north pole, on the landmass of the same name. Unlike the other nations of the world, Feyndraig has a relatively insignificant population of Sapes (fewer than one hundred), and is instead primarily inhabited by draconic folk, led by dragons and spirits.

The total population of Feyndraig is unknown as Feyndraig does not conduct a census, but it is estimated to be inhabited by around 12,000 dragons and 18,000 nature spirits.


Feyndraig was founded at some point in pre-history. Records of its existence predate the earliest Sape civilizations. Draconic tradition largely favors oral history over written history, and so despite the lack of written records, it is generally known and accepted that Feyndraig was founded around 200,000 B.G., in the wake of the Void War and subsequent extinction of the Dreadwyrm civilizations that existed prior to it.

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