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A Dreadwyrm is a member of an ancient sentient race that is believed to have gone extinct following the Void War.

Physical Characteristics

A dreadwyrm stands about 7 feet tall. The species does not exhibit sexual dimorphism.

Dreadwyrms are quadrupedal, with a spine that extends from the tip of a long tail, through a horizontal back, up a gradual curve to a vertical torso. Dreadwyrms have eight limbs in total. Four legs, two arms, and two large, feathered wings.

Dreadwyrms have no eyes, and two mouths on either side of their head, which is crested with prominent feathers. It is believed that their primary sensory organs were their ears, which fossil records indicate may have been sensitive enough to detect the sound of a heartbeat.

The digestive system of a dreadwyrm appears to have been suited for an herbivorous lifestyle.

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