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Oath of Return

An Oath of Return is the sole method by which a fae may leave its place of significance, in the company of the dragon or sape that has sworn the oath. The oath is born of nature magic.



  1. The being taking the oath must have some personal connection with the landmark or area the fae has dominion over. It is not necessary for the being to be the same one that created the fae, though this does make the oath more stable.
  2. The fae must have no existing oath with any other beings, including other fae.
  3. The being taking the oath must cut their palm with a blade of wood, stone, silver, or gold.
  4. The being must then place their cut palm against the ground within the fae's dominion, allowing their blood to soak into the soil.
  5. The being, while their palm is bleeding into the soil, must say these words aloud (can be in any language as long as the intent is the same): “By my blood do I swear to return, may my partner and myself both become stronger and wiser by the time that day comes. And should I fail to return ere my passing, may my soul be cast to the nine winds and may my bones be seared to ash and scatter here, to allow my partner to return here safely.”
  6. The being must grab a pinch of soil with the palm that has bled into the soil, place it into their mouth, and swallow it.
  7. The being must then say these words aloud (can be in any language as long as the intent is the same): “I am the land and the land is me. Both as one, I am become that which my partner has dominion over, their shelter and their kingdom. May I walk the land and may they walk at my side until it is done.”
  8. The ritual is now completed, the being and their partner may now leave and roam freely.


As mentioned in the oath, the one taking the oath is making a solemn vow to return. If this vow is broken by dying elsewhere in the world without having returned, the body of the one who has taken the oath will combust, and the fae will feel the pain of this fire as their own. The fae will drag the ashes of its partner back to its place of dominion, scatter them, and fade away, forgotten.

For this reason it is heavily recommended that only a dragon should take an oath of return, as a dragon will not die of old age before returning, and is usually far harder to kill than a sape.

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