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Fae, also known as nature spirits, spirits, fairies, sprites, or nats, are a race of sentient beings comprised of leyline magic.

Fae are most often tied to a specific location or area, with the definition of their personal dominion expanding as they grow more powerful.



A nature spirit is formed when a sentient being (most often a dragon or sape), attaches sentimental meaning or significance to a location or area.

Nature spirits do not age and come into the world fully formed, with basic knowledge of fae law as it relates to their own existence, and no pre-defined individual personality.

A fae grows in power and range as more sentient beings attach significance to the same area and return to visit it. A fae with looser definitions can roam further, whereas a fae with stricter definitions is less free.

A fae can travel if in the company of a sentient being that has bound itself to the same place the fae was born from. That is, if a sentient being swears an Oath of Return over land inhabited by a fae, the fae may accompany the being anywhere in the world, as long as the being returns to this land to release the fae.

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