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Leyline Magic

Leyline magic is the branch of magic associated with drawing potentia from leylines.

Leyline magic forms the second corner of the magic triangle. A leyline is formed when a fae is born, which can only happen when a dragon or sape forms a bond with the land. Because of this, leyline magic is associated with love, and stems from love.


In order to use leyline magic, one should have a firm grasp on their physical location in the world, as well as a grasp on the significance of that location. In general this is not dissimilar from knowledge magic in its preparation, but the application is different. With knowledge magic, the information energy involved in a spell is either consumed (as a magic scroll), or refunded to the user (thus improving potentia efficiency). Over time, a user will gradually become capable of handling more “raw” potentia at once, that is, potentia that has not been passed through a user's own olum.


Leyline magic has been in use since prehistory, though it is only in the past few centuries that the driving forces behind it have come to be understood.

The connection between fae and leylines was initially made in around 300 GD, prior to the great prohibition on magic.

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