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Mersia is the fifth planet orbiting the star Verdai in the Ixar System.


Mersia is primarily inhabited by Sapes, but is also inhabited by Dragons, Ferals, Nature Spirits, and Agents.


Mersia contains three continents and one subcontinent.

The continents are Aland, Panarch, and Gondwana. The subcontinent is Feyndraig.

Mersia contains four oceans.

The oceans are the Gondwanese Ocean, the Serenic Ocean, the Ephemeric Ocean, and the Yaq-Ebbes Ocean.


Mersia is 14,573 km in diameter. At the surface, its gravitational acceleration is 9.6 m/s^2.

Mersia completes one rotation every 24 hours. Mersia completes one revolution around the star Verdai every 512 days.

Mersia's surface is approximately 69% covered with water, 9% covered with ice, and 22% covered with land.

Mersia is a young planet, having formed 2.6Mya. Mersia has, through divine intervention, reached a seismically and tectonically stable state.

Mersia's atmosphere is comprised of the following components:

Nitrogen (as N2): 67.52% Oxygen (as O2): 28.73% Neon: 2.4% Water vapor: 1% (varies, this is average) Argon: 0.3% Methane: 0.02% Trace gases include Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Oxygen (as O3), Hydrogen, and Sulphur Dioxide.

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