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The Velocity Quartet

The Velocity Quartet was a jazz quartet consisting of Rimas Nolie on piano and keyboards, Marcel Tano on double bass and electric bass, Larry Bridge on saxophone and flute, and Lily Thompson on drums. As the four were minors for the entirety of the group's existence, they were never signed to a record label and never had a major album release.

Despite this, the four were able to use their high school's A/V equipment to record and locally release a staggering five albums and three EPs in the two years they were active. With some help from a tech-savvy young Cae Lawrence, who Rimas was loosely acquainted with from her early childhood due to their fathers being friends, the group was able to produce over several hundred CD copies of each release, with their final album “Silent Wings” (a tribute to their friend Lily who had been rendered comatose by a violent car accident during the summer of 527 GD) selling 1,200 copies.

The group broke up after this, with the three each being unwilling to replace their friend with a new drummer.

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