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Jutse Aldwyn

Jutse Aldwyn is a calico and healer who was born in 514 GD.

He is trans, heterosexual, and polyamorous.


Early Life

Jutse was born in the city of Hesilen in Bachi, deep within the Great Blind Desert. He is the identical twin sibling of Cleo Aldwyn. He has a sphinx father and a calico mother.

The aftermath of the Adenian-Tethish War took a toll on the global economy. As Hesilen is primarily a trading village, this meant that fewer and fewer traders came through Hesilen, so more and more of their parents' savings was consumed merely buying the bare necessities to survive. They were faced with an unthinkably horrible choice. They could sell one of their children to a passing trader,

At a very young age, Cleo was sold into slavery to a group of traders, leaving Jutse behind with his parents. Jutse's parents used the proceeds from the sale to purchase the necessary materials and equipment to train Jutse as a healer. His parents were the only healers in Hesilen. Because the city was hundreds of miles from any other settlements, they could not leave the city without a healer.

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