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Ennism is a monotheistic religion which spread throughout much of Mersia, especially Aden, following the events of the Crosslink Saga. Its adherents are known as Ennians.


The core of Ennism is the belief in intelligent design, particularly the belief that there is a single deity who was responsible for creating the entirety of the universe, and that this entity did so out of love for the act of creation. This deity is known as En.

Cae Lawrence is regarded during the Golden Age as a messiah who has carried the core tenets of En to the sapes of Mersia, and then vanished from the world as she ascended to Paradise.

Core Tenets

Due to the order of the first letters of each tenet, this way of life is called Dlaha, and acting in Dlaha is considered to be the key to Paradise.

  1. Do Not Kill.
  2. Do Not Steal.
  3. Do Not Imprison.
  4. Do Not Commit Acts Of Violence.
  5. Live In Harmony With Nature, Without Jealousy.
  6. Love Your Friends And Family.
  7. Live Each Day To The Fullest And Act To Minimize Regrets.
  8. Leave Something Beautiful Behind.
  9. Apologize For Your Wrongs And Forgive When Apologized To.
  10. Ask For Help When You Need It.
  11. Help Others When You Can.
  12. Hold Space For Others In Your Life.
  13. Have A Good Time.
  14. Accept That Death Is Inevitable.
  15. Always Be Kind.
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