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The Mage

The Mage is the name given to a suspected entity responsible for otherwise inexplicable measured fluctuations in the local age of souls. At present this fluctuation is suspected to be evidence of advanced tempumancy originating from the future and impacting the present.

If he or she exists, he or she is likely known in his or her own time as the Archmagus, a title inherited when all on Mersia recognize their power as supreme.


The Mage is the son or daughter of Diane. The era they have come to preside over is known to Arcturus Ansel (the sole survivor who still lives on Mersia) as the Silent Age.

Less than a year after Diane's death when he was 18, The Mage uprooted all of the leylines on Mersia. This killed nearly all life on the planet except for Arcturus. Arcturus suspects that he was intentionally spared, but isn't sure why.

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