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Hoop is a contact sport originating from Aden. It is played on a square court 75 feet to a side, with one team in the north and south corners, and the other team in the east and west corners.


There is a single hoop in the center of the court atop a pole, such that the hoop stands 11 feet from the ground. The court is arranged with a ten-foot-wide strip from the center of each side to the hoop which is called the “Neutral Cross”. The center of the court is surrounded by a square 30 feet to a side, rotated by 45 degrees such that the corners lie within the cross, this square is called the “Neutral Center”. There is a five-foot wide band around the outer perimiter of the court, which is called the “Neutral Outside”. The Cross, Center, and Outside are the only areas of the court where any player may freely enter and move through.


This sport is somewhat similar to basketball with several major exceptions. Players are allowed to tackle each other, and a player is taken out of the game if they set foot outside their own team's area or a neutral zone. Dribbling is optional, and possession of the ball is ended if a player touches the ground at or above their knees (including their back). The player has one second after falling to either pass the ball to a teammate or otherwise let go of the ball.

As there is no backboard, certain shooting tactics will not work.


Scoring in hoop works as follows.

Points may be scored by getting the ball into the hoop or by pushing a member of the opposing team into their own team's zone. If the ball bounces back out of the hoop without going through, no points are awarded.

Action Points Scored
Shoot Ball into Hoop from Neutral Square. 1
Shoot Ball into Hoop from team's safe zone. 2
Shoot Ball into Hoop from Neutral Cross. 3
Shoot Ball into Hoop from Neutral Outside. 5
Intercept shot in midair and make shot before landing.* x2 original shot
Push opposing player into own team's zone, causing out. 2

* Interception must have both hands on the ball at some point before taking shot for doubling to be applied. Grazing the ball with one hand does not count as an interception and the opposing team will still get the points for the shot.

Points may be lost if a player sets foot in the opposing team's zone, or outside of the court (beyond the Neutral Outside). Points are also lost if a player causes another player to set foot outside of the court, making it disadvantageous to do so.

Penalties Points Lost
Retaining possession of ball after falling. -1, Ref takes ball.
Setting foot in opposing team's zone. -1
Setting foot out of bounds. -2
Push opposing player out of bounds. -3
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