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Bryph Glare

Bryph is a bear who was born in 508 GD.

Early Life

Bryph was born in the nation of Poirien, and immigrated to Aden at the age of 3.


They are generally extroverted and the first to reach out to someone who they've noticed is being excluded. Bryph is level-headed and a meticulous planner. They suffer from CPTSD as a result of the abuse they went through as a child.

Standard Equipment

Bryph usually fights barehanded, but they are quite proficient with a wide range of weapons, and especially so with knives and staves. They wear braces on each calf, designed by Cae, which allow them to “throw” steel knives by kicking. Using their inditech ability, they can propel these knives hundreds of times faster, making them in essence armor-piercing projectiles.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Attributes

Bryph is a professional fighter who is transmasculine and has had top surgery. Their body is packed with muscle, and they weigh 170 pounds at 5'8“.

Martial Arts

Bryph is a fifth degree black belt who is capable of jumping their entire body height using only their raw physical strength, without any activation of crosslink abilities nor internal magic.

Bryph's kinesthetic sense is unparalleled among the rest of the group, resulting in them having greater agility and precision in their movements than any other character.

Unassisted, Bryph is capable of denting a car door with their kick. In terms of raw unarmed fighting ability, no character could beat Bryph without resorting to magic or their crosslink abilities.


Bryph's inditech ability allows them to stretch time forward or backward for themself, allowing them (as an example) to move twice as fast for 2.5 seconds, and then at half speed for ten seconds. From Bryph's perspective, both of these phases last five seconds, so the duration of the ability can be said to be five seconds. When Bryph first discovers this ability, the upper limit is one minute, and the maximum stretch intensity is a factor of three.

Bryph later develops this ability until they can fully stop time for up to one hour, resulting in them being in stopped time for the same amount of time afterward.

Bryph later develops the ability to speed up and slow down different parts of their body at the same time, for example, speeding up one arm or leg while slowing down the other arm or leg. By using their ability in this way, they're capable of running at over 70 mph for sustained periods when they first develop the ability to separate out different body parts.

They also use the ability in this way while fighting, in order to speed up the blow at the point of impact, improving the delivery of force.

“All-seeing eye” is Bryph's crosslink ability. It allows them to see everything around them in three dimensions regardless of obstructions, magic, or lighting levels. This makes it impossible to hide from Bryph within the range of this ability. The current range of this ability, when Bryph first unlocks it, is a twenty foot spherical radius. They are, in essence. Borrowing what they in parallel universes might see if they were standing somewhere else or facing a different direction instead.


Bryph is an internal magic user whose intense affinity for leyline magic allows them to sense changes in the local environment. Later in the story this affinity allows Bryph to speak with and gain information from the local plants. Bryph is able to use this information to easily track people in the woods by simply asking the trees where the person went, and the trees (which know when the soil was stepped on by their root systems and connections with the local mycelia) simply tell Bryph what they know.

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