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Frost Lawrence

Frost Lawrence is a raccoon and photographer who was born in 523 GD. Their parents are Frank Lawrence the ringtail, and Sharon Lawrence the raccoon. They have one older sibling, Cae Lawrence the raccoon.


Early Life

Frost was from a young age interested in photography. They would later relate that this desire to record their surroundings was driven by a fear of forgetting all of the things that they had seen, and of losing moments to time.



Energy Drain

Frost is the only known sape capable of converting thermal and kinetic energy into potentia, rather than the other way around. Frost 'casts' ice magic by taking energy from the environment and converting this into potentia, rather than by taking potentia and using this to cast a spell. Frost is also capable of reducing the movement of others by siphoning the kinetic energy from their bodies, unless the target resists this.

This has a drawback, however, in that Frost's olum has a limited capacity, and overstuffing their olum with potentia can severely injure them.


Frost is also the only known sape capable of Technomancy before the Golden Age. Frost is capable of directly altering the behavior of software, as long as Frost understands how the software works. Encryption and programs with more complex architectures (such as the intelligence within the Tower of Ur) resist manipulation through technomancy. If Frost cannot understand the program, they cannot alter its contents or function.

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