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Elemental Dragon

Elemental Dragons are the most common type of dragon, as well as the least threatening type of dragon. It is important to note that “least threatening” should not be conflated with “non-threatening”. An elemental dragon is still far, far more dangerous an opponent than any other creature on this planet. They are still dragons.

Mechanics of Ability

Elemental dragons can alter properties of their surroundings, or manipulate their surroundings crudely. There are two sub-types of elemental dragon. State and Property. Elemental State dragons can manipulate gasses, liquids, or solids. They are referred to as Wind, Water, and Earth dragons respectively. Elemental Property dragons can increase temperatures, decrease temperatures, or manipulate electrical currents. They are referred to as Fire, Ice, and Lightning dragons respectively. The latter are generally considered the stronger triad, however there is significant overlap, and one shouldn't always bet on the outcome of a fight between two dragons coming down to whether each is a state or property manipulator.

In addition to manipulating their surroundings, elemental dragons have the ability to attack by breathing a representation of their element. For example, an earth dragon can “breathe” rocks at an opponent as well as controlling the terrain. A lightning dragon can “breathe” lightning at an enemy, as well as electrifying their surroundings.


Wind Dragon

A wind dragon is a dragon which can manipulate the air. Although generally considered the least dangerous dragon, the most powerful wind dragons should be, and are, feared. A wind dragon has the potential to manipulate the weather and fill an ocean with deadly hurricanes. A wind dragon can call down tornadoes and shred an entire city in minutes. On a smaller scale, a wind dragon can remove the air from your lungs, and proceed not to allow you to breathe any more.

Water Dragon

A water dragon is a dragon which can manipulate the water, as well as other liquids. It would be a mistake to assume a water dragon is safe to approach. A water dragon can stop the blood from flowing through your body. A water dragon can pull all of the water out of your body. A water dragon can turn you into dust almost instantly. Not to mention, they can command the ocean's waves. To meet a water dragon on the open sea is to stare death in the face. A ship before a water dragon is like a toy boat in a bathtub… And the dragon can sink the mightiest ships with just as much ease. A water dragon can bring massive tsunamis, flooding coastal settlements.

Earth Dragon

An earth dragon is a dragon which can manipulate the ground, as well as other solids which contain silicates (such as concrete, metal, and sand). An earth dragon is supremely threatening. It can drop an entire city into a fissure and close the ground over it, burying millions alive. Additionally, Earth dragons can cause volcanoes to erupt, and can cause earthquakes.

Ice Dragon

An ice dragon is a dragon which can manipulate “cold”, or in other words, can reduce temperatures. One determined ice dragon can singlehandedly alter the climate of an entire region, bringing debilitating snow in the middle of summer, or freezing the hottest desert. An ice dragon's breath is always at absolute zero. The truly powerful ice dragons are capable of breathing at temperatures which are effectively lower than absolute zero… That is, capable of absorbing some quantity of thermal energy from their surroundings before the breath rises above absolute zero when measured.

Fire Dragon

A fire dragon is a dragon which can manipulate “heat”, or in other words, can increase temperatures.

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