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Terinaurum, or Terry Naurum, is the name given to a suspected entity responsible for otherwise inexplicable measured fluctuations in the local age of souls. At present this fluctuation is suspected to be evidence of advanced tempumancy originating from the future and impacting the present.

If he or she exists, he or she is likely known in his or her own time as the Archmagus, a title inherited after surpassing the prior Archmagus in total demonstrated proficiency across various schools of magic.


Evidence of Existence

The lineage of Terinaurum is poorly understood, with some claiming he is 3/4ths dragon, some claiming he has fae blood, and some claiming that he is only a normal sape who rose to prominence through sheer effort, similarly to the first Archmagus, Rimas Nolie.

It must be noted that at present, the existence of Terinaurum is unproven, however, temporal measurements taken across Mersia show evidence of Time Shearing, evidence that some entity has discovered a method to reverse the flow of time entirely via tempumancy.

While such a feat is impossible at present, the possibility of some future entity mastering such a technique and using it to interfere in the present or past must not be discounted.

Early Life

The exact details of Terinaurum's early Life are not presently understood.

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